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everyonemoves's Journal

Movement For Every Size
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Enjoying movement at every size
This is a workout journal for those of us who hate diet culture. This is a place to get support and welcome from people who are out in the world, moving their bodies as they see fit. The focus here is on love of movement and activity.

This is a body-positive safe community to discuss your movement of choice for pleasure or for your health. We'd love to hear about your goals and experiences. Let us know what works for you and what doesn't. Tell us about your experience hiking, or your love of dance. Tell us how you love to run or want to have enough speed to break your high school record. Fat, skinny, and in between, everyone moves. Our goal is to have everyone enjoy their movement.

There will be no putting down of other members here. This is a safe space from diet culture, so fat talk and weight loss talk are banned and the moderators will delete posts containing them. Posters who use diet talk or fat shaming towards other members will be warned once and then banned if continued. Goals oriented towards weight and size are also banned and will be handled in the same way as diet talk. There are plenty of other communities that would be happy to have this kind of goal talked about; please post these there.

For the moment talk of nutrition is also a bannable offense. Asking questions about nutrition may be triggering to some of our members. We are also not nutritionists, and therefore we do not know what is best for your body. Again, there are other websites and communities that would be happy to help you.

If there are any questions please email the maintainers at everyonemeoves@gmail.com.